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Pictures aboub Repovesi and tours Site opens to a new window Life of high quality in City Kouvola NATURE - ADVENTURES - SHOPPING Meet adventures and Finnish way of life in nature and stay in a good hotel. Enjoy silence in a traditional Finnish Smoke Sauna by a lake or in wildeness. On third day you have a quided city tour and we visit many brand shops, clothes, fishing, sports... 1. Day   Welcome meeting in a hotel We welcome you and your group. We tell you about next day and how to prepare for it. We give you advices for your visit in Kouvola. 2. DAY  Adventure tour Visit Repovesi National Park. After having coffee and tee cooked on campfire, we take a small walk through Finnish forest. Our professional nature guide tells you about Finnish Nature and The Park.  High lights in the Park: Deligious unforgettable lunch, beautiful views and in the end a trip by a traditional wooden boat. We leave Repovesi and take a bus. Drive through Finnish countrysite to Smoke Sauna. You see also the village Verla, included on UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996. Wildeness and lakes are most beautiful when you look at them sitting in the veranda of Finnish traditional sauna. You can feel it, you can smell it, you will be relaxed. Of course, we serve you a small meal like we Finnish people like to have after bath in sauna. Swimming is possible. 3. DAY  Shopping tour in city Kouvola Shopping tour to brand shops, clothes, fishing, sports.. You might do good findings! We go by bus with professional city guide. Russian and Finnish speeking person is always present! So, no problems of interpreting. Look at and download the brochure in Russian Look at and download description and timetable in Russian Choices