REPOJOTOS  -  “FOXTRAIL” Adventures - Events - Services - Tours with high quality Company Repojotos has started in business 1.4.2011. The Company is quite new but the owner, Paula, is experiented for many years in guiding and other services with hiking and traveling groups. Repojotos Company can now offer to you very interesting new choices in Repovesi National Park and in it’s neighborhood. The founder of the Company Repojos is a Finnish nature professional Paula Niskala. Repovesi National Park is the main field of the operations. But Repojotos Company has also operations in neighborhood, northern part of the province Kymenlaakso. Repojotos Company is one of the few Partners with Metsähallitus, the forest governement in Finland. So, we have the right and we are the official operator in Repovesi National Park. You can’t produce services alone. Repojotos Company has qualified agreement partners. With compined resources and competence we can produce services including very high guaranteed quality. Stated in business 1.4.11 The base to the Repojotos Company is compitence and many years experience of the owner. Paula has worked many years in Repovesi National Park Services are produced with qualified Partners and Professionals. Copyright 2011 Repojotos. All Rights Reserved                                                                                                       
Repojotos is a member in The Federation of Finnish Enterprises, the largest membership of all business- related federations in Finland Pictures aboub Repovesi and tours Site opens to a new window